Ahmad Saves a Nation Volume One: The Dream

Ahmad Saves a Nation is a story and workbook about an ambitious 21 year old black male named Ahmad who is the great grandson of the founders of an all Black village, post slavery. The village is a very unique community where all of the citizens help one another, work together, and share responsibility. The citizens of the village believe that everybody has a role to play to make their community a better place to live. They believe in hard work and they value the gifts and talents of each other. After a hard day of work earning money at his grass cutting business, Ahmad has a dream that will change his life forever and put him on a course to save the nation that he lives in.

Students learn life lessons centered on the Nguza Saba (7 principles) of Kwanza, including: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Ahmad Saves a Nation teaches students about the benefits of family, community, nation, and race; while they enjoy activities using mathematics, language arts, logic, reasoning, cultural awareness, and critical thinking.

Our children will never be independent thinkers if we continue to let people outside of our community create our education and curriculum. Support independent education for liberation with your purchase of Ahmad Saves a Nation!


Give the gift of learning for a son/daughter, niece/ nephew,

friend, family member, neighbor, or community member!



Students will learn:

*Logic and reasoning

*Business math

*Critical thinking

* Solving Word problems

Proceeds help to fund our youth Division the West Dayton Youth Task Force

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